Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jumping on the Green Smoothie Bandwagon

Matt and I decided that we're going to do this "Green Eyed Monster Clense Cleanse" until we leave for vacation - should I be worried that they can't spell cleanse correctly? 

Green Eyed Monster Clense for weight loss and health.

We have exactly $0 to spend on new clothes for the trip, and I need to take some formal-ish wear with me. I have this black dress I bought when we went to Europe a couple of years ago that I want to wear. Problem is that it looks like a second layer of skin on me. I say I need to loose about 10 lbs for it to look good, Matt said more like 20 lbs. He's so positive and supportive.

We had our first smoothie for dinner tonight. I used 2 c baby spinach, 1 1/2 c water, 1 green apple, and 1 pear. I know is says to choose I fruit, but I made our smoothies at the same time, so technically we only consumed 1 fruit. I used 2 scoops of protein, but that was WAY too much. I'll probably use 1 next time.

I thought it was good, but I'm used to the green super food smoothies you buy at the grocery store. This is the face Matt made.

It's going to be a long 14 days for him.

xoxo, Jen